Is it Waterproof?


That’s a question we’re asked quite a lot about our wax jackets and we’ve noticed gets asked of a lot of other brands that aren’t specifically outdoor wear brands.  It does seem to be really important to some people, and quite understandably.  It’s very rare to find a stylish, waterproof jacket.  they’re usually either stylish or functional and the ones that are both tend to be at a much higher price point due to the work that goes into them. The short answer in this case is, it’s water resistant but not waterproof. We didn’t set out to make a waterproof garment and here’s why, and bit about  the difference between waterproof and water resistant.


The watering can test - under a light shower the wax fabric will repel water and it will bead off nicely, no problem.

For a garment to be waterproof it needs to have a few elements which all come together - firstly a waterproof fabric. We chose this @halleystevenson dry wax fabric primarily for its look and feel, it just so happens to have great breathability and water resistance too. Wax jackets are water repellent by their very nature, but not generally considered waterproof because of the way they’re internally bound and the trims that are used.  It’s very common for wax jackets to be water resistant rather than fully waterproof. Second up on the waterproofing checklist are waterproof zips. We chose to use these chunky metal YKK zips which we overlayed as part of the design. They aren’t waterproof, but this was a choice we made to get the look we were after. Waterproof zips while very functional, generally don’t work on a style level that great and a good looking piece was the primary goal here. Once you’ve got your fabric and zips you need to seal the garment with taped seams. As we’d not set out to make this piece waterproof and the zips aren’t, taping the seams wasn’t necessary. They are nicely bound, but not as a waterproofing measure, but just a nice neat finish.


These pieces will withstand a good downpour and the wax fabric itself will naturally repel water, but like many wax jackets on the market will eventually let it through the seams and stitched areas after sustained periods.  This particular fabric from Halley Stevenson, in their own words is ’Inspired by our 1910 patent for waterproofing textiles, this finish is a combination of our driest wax and soft aero tumbling. This emulsified wax finish is perfect for lightweight breathable and weather repellent garments’. To compliment the fabric we designed the hoods shape and peak for optimal run off to each side of the face. It also looks amazing as far as hoods go. Then there’s the adjustable hem which creates an A shape when opened, which means water is directed away from your legs as best possible, rather than straight down.


In summary, waterproof jackets for hiking and the like are all good as long as you’re wearing waterproof trousers too, unless you don’t mind wet leg’s, but that seems to be missing the point. These jackets were not designed with that in mind. Going to the pub, football, a Sunday stroll, running errands, travelling or a day out with the family among other things. Waterproofing is not the be all and end all of a jacket.  There are some great options out there for outdoor wear and the main aim of these brands is functionality above looks. We’re aiming for great looking pieces that just happen to have a good level of functionality too.

Were working on new pieces using Halley Stevenson fabric and see it as a constant in our collections going forward. It really is that good! and for it to be made in Scotland is a real bonus as they know a thing or two about wet weather.

 After pouring continuous heavy loads of water onto the fabric it appears ‘soaked’ but hasn’t soaked through. You’ll be dry for a good amount of time even in heavy rain, but not when out all day in it.  How amazing does that pattern look!

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