About Fuzz


An avid UK collector of men’s garments from high end products, vintage streetwear, music and skate culture spending a life time obsessed with detailing.


It has always been our desire to put out ‘that grail piece’ in everything we do.  We want to bring you garments that are stunning pieces every single time. We’re even going to the length to say - if we don’t have any good ideas for a particular seasons items, we won’t put anything out at all. We don’t want to waste our and your time with sub par, boring garb. This may mean reducing the size of collections or not putting anything out at all if we’re not feeling it. As it goes we’re brimming with cool ideas at the minute and as long as there’s a demand, the skys the limit to how much stuff we’ll put out per season. We’re also only offering most pieces in editions of 99 or less to keep them special and allow us to keep bringing you new stuff. Your opinion matters a lot to us  and we will be asking you what you think as we go and showing you how products develop. Got a cool ideas, shout up.   We’d be crazy to think we get it right 100% of the time and your input will be valuable in helping us chase the perfection we’re striving for.

The future is looking real exciting indeed and we’re hyped to share it with you.