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Jungle Hat - Forest Kelp Camo

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Our New Jungle Hat in Forest Kelp Camo.

  • Our take on the classic Jungle Hat. 
  • Cotton Webbing ‘foliage rings’
  • Bound internal seams
  • Proudly handmade in Sheffield from waxed water repellent-cotton fabric by Halley Stevenson. 
  • Initially available in ONE SIZE which is a Large. 59cm circumference around forehead.(measured on the outside of the hat)


The official Army Boonie hat or Jungle hat we know today first came to be in the jungles of Vietnam in 1967. The original design incorporated the iconic screened vent holes, drawstring, and foliage rings - the tape/band around the base of the hat meant to attach foliage as a means of camouflage. From this original design, military forces throughout the world have since adopted this style or slight variations of up to present day. These hats are highly functional and provide great sun protection to the head and neck. They’re still used by military, fishermen, hikers and general outdoors folk due to their classic functional design. They have also been adopted into urban environments as part of streetwear culture and are a favourite of many a Japanese streetwear brand of which I’m a huge fan of, as well as a bunch of other for that matter. This style has stayed around not only due to its practicality, but more so now for its classic aesthetic.